Advantages of Using the Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is a name that's become synonymous with quality vaporizers. It works in a similar manner as other personal vaporizers, heating oil or herb just enough to create a light plum of mist-like vapor. Since there's no fire or combustion taking place, the Volcano doesn't produce smoke. Instead, it produces mist-like vapor that only contains the herb or oil's essential ingredients.

Low Maintenance

We've talked about this before on the VapesRush blog, but it's worth mentioning again that all vaporizers require some basic maintenance to prevent buildups of resin. This usually involves disassembling the unit and cleaning it with either rubbing alcohol or a similar cleaning solution. The Volcano vaporizer, however, is classified as a low-maintenance vaporizer. In fact, both the balloon and mouthpiece are maintenance-free, meaning you don't have to worry about cleaning them.

Accurate Temperatures

In order for a vaporizer to function as intended, it must produce just the right amount of heat. It if produces too much heat, it will burn the herb or oil, negating all of the positive benefits of vaping. On the other hand, if it doesn't produce enough heat, it simply won't produce vapor. Thankfully, the Volcano vaporizer has one of the most accurate heating elements on the market.

3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

It's disheartening (to say the least) when you purchase a new vaporizer, only to have it break down after just a couple uses. Well, you can rest assured knowing that this won't happen with the Volcano. The Volcano vaporizer is backed by an iron-clad 3-year warranty by the manufacturer. In the rare event that it does break, the manufacturer will pay to have it fixed and/or send you a replacement.

Stainless Steel Housing

Some of the cheaper vaporizers are produced with low-grade materials that promote rust and condensation, which subsequently leads to increased wear and tear. As you can see in the photo above, however, the Volcano features a stainless steel housing. Because it's made of steel, the Volcano is naturally resistant to rust and condensation. Furthermore, it creates a stylish, modern appearance.

Ease of Use

One of the many perks of choosing the Volcano is its ease of use. Some vaporizers are complicated and confusing, discouraging newcomers from using them. The Volcano, on the other hand, features a simple balloon design in which vapor fills the balloon. Whether you are familiar with vaporizers or not, you should have no problem using the Volcano.

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