Advancing Materials

Technology is an interesting phenomenon for no other reason than the fact that it is constantly growing and evolving. There is no end point where technology could be called 'perfect', so humanity is on a steady quest to make small improvements in any possible area. That's why computers no longer use vacuum tubes and why televisions no longer use projection tubes. Another form of technology that was superior was introduced and made those older forms obsolete. There's a lot that goes into advancing technology, and it is much more involved than simply imagining a new idea. In order to make those ideas work, there have to be components or materials that perform the task or that can easily be made to.

The same is true for the vaporizer industry. As the devices are honed down to their most useful and powerful states, new materials and components are introduced to perform a function in a more efficient manner than the existing component or material. Within the world of vaporizers, the materials that are used at the site of vaporization are what determines the overall quality of the vapor produced. There are other factors involved as well, but the main influence is the type of material used to create vaporization.

Most modern vaporizers use one of only a handful of materials in their vaping chambers. Stainless steel was an original option because it was relatively cheap and plentiful, but it leaves a metallic taste in the vapor. Ceramic is another viable option, but some have said that even ceramic leaves a taste behind. Quartz is the last common material, and it is said to have the least affect on flavor. It only makes sense that the technology would continue to advance in that direction, which is exactly the case with the OG Four 2.0 Vaporizer.

This device is made for wax concentrates, and it has a unique lava-quartz coil that is said produce a purer flavor than standard quartz alone. Lave-quartz is much more inert and stable than standard quartz, making it the ideal solution for the current vaporizer market. Of course, if history tells us anything, it's that all technology will eventually be replaced by something better. That shouldn't happen for many years with this device since it is on the cutting edge of the industry. Perhaps one day an entirely new class of material will be created specifically for perfect vaporization.

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