A Must Read Before You Purchase Your First Vaporizer

The majority of smokers who want to quit smoking tend to achieve this by switching to vaporizers. Active ingredients of cannabis are still enjoyable to the fullest without any exposure to the consequences of smoke. Recreational Marijuana, if legal can help out to abstain from tobacco. Someone who is not deceived of wits knows how a weed vaporizer can save by filtering out more than 90% carcinogens (any compound that can cause cancer). To reap the benefits of vaping, first of all, having the complete knowledge of available options is important to maximize the experience and save money. No individual wants to purchase a weed vaporizer that is right for his vaping needs. 

Every vaporizer falls into one of the following categories:

  • Portable vaporizer: Majority of the vapes falling under this category are powered by a rechargeable battery. There are some models that run on butane or require a lighter for heating. This is ideal for those who want to get the pleasure of vaping anytime and anywhere with a high level of efficiency. Despite having small size, it can gratify the consumer with quality vapors for long.
  • Vaporizer pens: Also known as vape pens, vaporizers falling under this category come with compact portability. It is usually smaller than the portable one and offers the most discreet way of vaping. However, it holds lesser material than a portable vaporizer. Therefore, to get a kick out of it, frequent refilling is required.
  • Desktop vaporizer: This device operates on electricity to produce the best quality vapors. It is the largest and most efficient vaporizer that is ideal for individuals who want the best experience while sitting comfortably on the couch.

Vaporizers and materials:

The next consideration is the material you want to vape. Following are the three types of materials one can enjoy in a vaporizer:

  • Dry herbs: Dried herbs like marijuana leaves or botanical herbs can be enjoyed in almost any desktop vaporizer. Most of the desktop vaporizers are herbal models. In addition to this, portable vaporizers and vape pens are also available for inhaling vapors of herbs.
  • Wax material: Wax vaporizers are vape pens used for inhaling vapors of wax. Some models of desktop and portable vaporizers are available to vaporize wax.
  • Oils: Vape pens are the most suitable for vaporizing and inhaling oils. These oils are used in the place of tobacco cigarettes and consist of nicotine.

Heating methods:

  • Conduction vaporizer: The heating element directly touches the material for heating. Herbal, wax and oil vaporizers make use of conduction heating for fast vaping. Conduction vaporizers cost lesser than convention vaporizer. Its downside is the inability to vaporize the entire material plus the risk of combustion.
  • Convention vaporizer: In this vaporizer, the material is heated indirectly using warm air inside the chamber. It costs more than the conduction one as there is a separate dedicated part for heating the air. It is more efficient but slower than conduction vaporizers.

Cost is the final consideration. While exploring different online stores, a customer can find the same vaporizer at different rates. Products of reputed brands are extremely difficult to falsify. If there is a store charging a few dollars lesser than other stores, it does not mean that you will get a fake vaporizer. Therefore, don’t forget to compare prices before ordering a vaporizer.             

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