A Must Read Before Buying the Mighty Portable Vaporizer

It is really great to see the way smoking is falling out of the favor with more and more smokers are switching to vaping, a healthy alternative that does not take a toll on the health and offers the real pleasure of inhaling. Different types of vape pens, portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers are available online. In the last post, we discussed what a person should know before purchasing the crafty. This post is crafted to enlighten people planning to buy the mighty. Just like the crafty and volcano, the credit of the invention of the mighty also goes to Storz and Bickel. Honestly speaking, the vapor quality of the crafty is great. However, the battery life sucks.

The mighty appears like a replica of the crafty. However, the size and the battery life are doubled. The crafty is whittled down to fit inside the pocket. The mighty is designed to spew out quality vapors for long vaping sessions. The VaporizerWizard.com has rated this portable convection vaporizer 9.2/10 and the VaporizerFriend.com rates it 9.7/10.


We can accolade it with the title of the best portable vaporizer for those who keep the unit in their backpack. Currently, this is the biggest portable vaporizer available in the market dimensioned to 5.5”H X 3.2L X 1.2” D and weighing 230 grams. Your pockets certainly do not have enough room to accommodate the mighty. However, it easily fits into a hand bag, bigger purse or a backpack. Some vaping enthusiasts also call it a group vaporizer as it is easy to hold and pass around in the group. The fins on the outside keep the exterior of the unit cool.

Method of Heating and Temperature Options

This hybrid portable vaporizer makes use of the both conduction and convention methods of heating. It uses conduction for pre-heating of the bowl and the rest of the job is done by convention heating. It has a 1X1 display and buttons to select temperature ranging from 105 to 410F. However, it does not have any Smartphone application to control temperature and other settings. Heating is faster than the crafty. It takes approximately 1:30 to 2:00 minutes to heat up. The temperature remains consistent throughout the session.

Mighty Vaporizer

Packing and Chamber Size

The bowl of this vaporizer can hold about .2 grams of the material. However, you can also fill it with .3 grams of super fine grind. One fill offers 5-6 hits. It is pretty easy to use. Switch it on, select your temperature and wait for 1:30 to 2:00 minutes. It is programmed to show default temperature, actual temperature and the remaining battery life. The filling method is same as that of the crafty. The unit comes with a filling aid and a cooling unit to cool down vapors.

Charging and Battery Life

The battery is one of the reasons that make it outshine. It is a little more than 90 minutes. If the battery is completely dead, you can plug it into the wall socket to start a vaping session just after a few minutes. Sadly, you cannot charge it anywhere. The USB charging system is not there in the mighty. Moreover, you have to keep it plugged in the wall socket for two hours if the battery completely dead.

Cost and Warranty

$367.97 is the lowest mighty price available on the internet. The manufacturer warranty is of 2 years only.

Is It For Me?

Consistent, great quality vapors, easy to use, it is definitely the best portable vaporizer if you want to enjoy vaping throughout the day and have a backpack or purse to store it.

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