6 Vaping Tips for First-Time Users

Congratulations on your decision to buy a vaporizer. It's a safe and effective way to enjoy herb and essential oils without exposing yourself to the harmful chemicals found in smoke.

Clean It

Even vaporizers must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent buildups of resin. Over time, resin from the vapor will settle inside the chamber where it restricts the flow of air. Instead of getting a full, clean draw, you may inhale just a small amount of vapor. To prevent this from happening, try to get into the habit of cleaning your vaporizer on a regular basis.

Grind Your Herb

If you don't already own one, you'll need to buy a grinder. Attempting to break up your herb by hand won't cut it with a vaporizer. Vaporizers require extremely fine, well-ground herb to function properly. When the herb isn't properly ground, the heating element won't be able to produce solid vapor out of it.

Save Your 'Spent' Herb

Wait before you toss your vaped herb into the trash, because it may still prove useful. Many people save their spent herb to use in edibles such as butter or brownies. While it contains lower concentrations of THC and other active compounds, is still contains some -- and that's all it takes for a batch of edibles.

Don't Modify Your Vaporizer

Why shouldn't you modify your vaporizer? Even if you are a DIY-type, it's best to avoid messing with the inner-workings of a vaporizer, simply because you could mess something up. This is particularly true when speaking of the battery, as several reports have emerged involving vaporizer batteries that have exploded or caught fire because the user modified them.

Pull Slow and Steady

When using a vaporizer, inhale at a slow, even pace. Attempting to pull too fast may cause your herb to burn, at which point smoke is created. On the other hand, attempting to pull too slow may restrict the amount of vapor you receive. There's a fine line you must balance to fully reap the benefits of your new vaporizer.

Watch the Heat

One of the most common mistakes made by first-time users is burning their herb. Because they are used to smoking, they assume vaporizers work best when smoke is produced. In turn, however, they negate all of the positive benefits of vaping, which is why it's important to carefully regulate your vaporizer's heating element.

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