4 Tips for Vaping Essential Oils

Vaporizers can be used to vape both herbs and essential oils. While most people use them for herbs, vaping oils can prove equally, if not more beneficial. It works on the same principle as vaping herb with your vaporizers: the vaporizer heats the oil just enough to create a plum of mist-like vapor. You'll reap all of the health benefits of the respective oil without exposing yourself to smoke.

Start Small

Assuming this is your first time vaping essential oils, it's recommended that you start small and gradually add more oil as needed. Essential oils often vary greatly in terms of concentration, with some varieties being more potent than others. So while it may take a dozen drops of one variety to get a decent draw, it could take just two or three drops of another variety. Place a couple drops of the essential oil in your vaporizer, and if that's not enough, gradually add more as needed.

Watch the Heat

The secret to effectively using a vaporizer with essential oils is to closely monitor the temperature setting. If it's set too high, you'll burn the oil, negating all of its otherwise positive benefits. But if you don't set the temperature high enough, it won't produce any vapor. Play around with the temperature controls on your vaporizer to find the perfect setting that allows you to enjoy the vaped oils without burning it.

Slow, Shallow Draws

Because many essential oils are highly concentrated, it's recommended that you take slow, shallow draws when vaping them. Attempting to take the biggest draw that your lungs can hold isn't a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, it may irritate your respiratory system, which is never smart. Second, it may turn the vapor into smoke, as the extra heat creates combustion. Stick with slow, shallow draws when vaping essential oils to ensure a clean experience.

Use High-Quality Oil

Not all essential oils are made equal. Some of them are cheap and mass produced by companies overseas, whereas others are highly concentrated, well-made products that are borne right here in the United States. If you're looking to use the essential oil in a vaporizer, choose a high-quality product. You can expect to pay a little more, but the additional cost is well worth the investment in the long run.

Here are some of the best oils to vape:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Grapefruit oil
  • Chamomile oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Camphor oil
  • Tea Tree oil

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Braun, Matthias - October 31, 2018

I use Orange essential oil with my CBD crystals ONLY 1 Drop in 15ml VG/PG
(I use 100% Natural VG with 10% voda)

I think many flavours which you can buy is nothing more than a mix of essential oils… As essential oils are PURE only use VERY VERY sparengli
Next time i even use 1 drop to 30ml of base…

I wil ltry many many more as i think there is nothing better than 100% pure natural essential oils with pure natural glycerin + a tiny amount of vodka… and YOU NEED NOTHING MORE…

Greetings from Germany

Nelson Leone - October 27, 2018

What’s ratio with CBD oil

Scott N. - September 20, 2018

I am using all vg cbd 100ml strength e-juice 30ml size 0mg nicotine 4ml tank. What ratio of peppermint in my 4ml tank do I need to get the best results…???…I know its relative…just a starting point would be good.

Jené - August 29, 2018

My husband makes our own juice for our MODS so I plan to just use the essential oils as the replacement for the flavor can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the info and tips!

Nerea - August 9, 2018

Can I put peppermint cbd oil in with my vape juice I buy over the counter and what’s the ratio

Michael - August 5, 2018

i use vegetable glycerine and a few drops of oil.

Tina - August 2, 2018

Scratch that… coconut oil no good to vape. Swapped for Grapefruit only

Tina - August 2, 2018

Scratch that… coconut oil no good to vape. Swapped for Grapefruit only

Tina - August 2, 2018

I just filled a Cartridge with grapefruit oil and a few drops of coconut oil

R Webb - July 26, 2018

I’m thinking a carrier oil would not be needed. I was going to add eucalyptus and/or peppermint to my Vape Oil and CBD..?? Thoughts?

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