4 Signs that It's Time to Buy a New Vaporizer

Has your vaporizer been "acting up" as of late? Well, perhaps it's time to buy a new one. A good vaporizer should offer years, if not decades, worth of use. But some of the cheaper ones on the market will break down long before this. So, how do you know when it's time to buy a new vaporizer to replace your old one?

It Takes Forever to Heat Up

A tall-tale sign that it's time to buy a new vaporizer if when your old one no longer heats up like it once did. Whether you own a convection or conduction-style vaporizer, it should heat up within just a few minutes, at which point you can inhale and enjoy the vapor it produced. If the heating element is faulty, however, it may take much longer to heat up, in which case it's probably best to invest in a new vaporizer.

It Produces Smoke

Another sign that it's time to replace your vaporizer is when your current one produces smoke. Newcomers to the vaping scene often assume that smoke is vapor (and vise-versa). While they may appear similar in terms of appearance, smoke is very different from vapor, as it contains toxic chemicals that should be avoided. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for old vaporizers to produce smoke, simply because the heating element is shot and subsequently produced too much heat. When this occurs, you aren't inhaling vapor, but rather smoke, negating all of the otherwise positive health benefits associated with these devices.

The Controls are Broken

Assuming you own a vaporizer with LED controls, such as the Volcano, you may want to replace it if these controls are broken. Sure, there are plenty of vaporizers on the market that do not feature LED controls, in which case this isn't an issue. But if you own a vaporizer with a mounted control panel -- and that control panel is broken -- consider investing in a new vaporizer.

It Doesn't Produce Enough Vapor

Are you forced to constantly pack new bowls in your vaporizer just to get a decent draw? If this sounds like a familiar scenario, then maybe you should invest in a new vaporizer. A good vaporizer should create a large plum of vapor with just a single bowl. When choosing a new vaporizer, though, you should consider the size of the globe, balloon, or storage container to determine whether or not it's suitable for your needs.

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